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Human Resources Compliance Consulting

To help your company stay compliant and build a balanced workforce

Federal contractor compliance with Government requirements can be difficult, disruptive, and expensive to many businesses. The U.S. Department of Labor, OFCCP, vigorously enforces AAP and EEO activities and the risk of being found non-compliant in an audit has increased over the past years. Accordingly, companies need a strategic partner like EEO Consultants to help navigate these regulatory requirements.

With three decades of experience working with corporations on AAP and EEO compliance, EEO Consultants are experts in local, state, and federal compliance programs. Our Consultants can ensure consistency in the company’s employee data to help mitigate any flaws and ensure reports are generated accurately. By using EEO Consultants your company gains the expertise and experience of our team of experts, to avoid jurisdiction where warranted, and support the contractor through the audit process and defend the contractor’s position.

Our trained staff can handle compliance audits conducted by Wage & Hour, OFCCP, and EEOC investigations providing you with expert guidance from initiation to negotiation. We also offer affirmative action software to manage the report writing and analyses in-house, or you can completely outsource the service to us.

Our pricing is based on flat fees and reasonable hourly rates that are structured to the size of the company to fit the company’s budgetary requirements, thereby minimizing the added expense of compliance. We work with companies of all sizes and in all industries including construction, manufacturers, banking, finance, law firms, healthcare, technology, and more.

Custom Training Programs

Our custom training programs are tailored to your industry’s Human Resources needs. We provide sexual harassment, diversity training, HR and management training, ADA and FMLA training to companies of all sizes. Employers who take preventative action and educate their staff may have an affirmative defense or can greatly reduce their potential liability.

EEO Consultants, Inc. can provide training onsite or via webinar sessions to meet your company’s specific needs. Our HRCI approved webinars and training sessions can be tailored to your company’s requirements.

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